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Because Everyone Deserves to Live Joy

A safe place where you can explore your authentic self

Have you experienced the magic of a breakthrough facilitated by a Certified Life or Business Coach?

As a business owner and leader in the community, I have had the honour of both coaching and being coached.

I pursued my coaching certification because I wanted to facilitate more people experiencing the indescribable confidence and sense of freedom that comes from learning how to listen to and trust yourself.

My coaching practice incorporates a strong mindfulness component, helping clients find clarity and confidence. I offer a safe, judgement-free place where you can explore your authentic self, learn how to move towards living your life with purpose and passion.

Live Joy Coaching is open to adult women and men, teens and young adults including the LGBTQ+ community. Why? Because everybody deserves to Live Joy.

Happy | Healthy | Prosperous | Free

My Approach

My coaching is transformational in that it contains a blend of psychology, healing, and spirituality. I help my clients to:

  • Develop honest, open, collaborative relationships with themselves
  • Awaken compassion & kindness, towards oneself and others
  • Release patterns of sabotage & establish inner harmony
  • Enhance vitality and transform their health
  • Uncover blind spots to unlock their true potential
  • Experiment with innovative approaches and cultivate healthy habits

It is never too late to start listening to your inner wisdom

Does kindness and compassion for yourself feel like self indulgence?

Coaching is your time to be vulnerable, heard and acknowledged

By speaking your truth, you light the path for others

Spirit Joy Transformational Group Coaching Program - 8 weeks of key learning and 12 months of coaching support during your energy restoration and healing journey.

Awaken To Your Highest Potential And Step Into Your Most Meaningful, Fulfilled Life!

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Have you been through a life-altering experience that’s left you feeling lost and questioning everything you thought you knew about the world?
  • Do you feel like you’re searching for something more meaningful in your life, but aren’t sure where to turn or how to find it?
  • Have you been reevaluating your beliefs and relationships lately, and feeling like you need more depth and connection in your life?
  • Do you struggle with spiritual questions or a desire for deeper understanding and exploration?
  • Are you ready to unlock your full potential, discover your purpose, and start living your best life?

If you’re feeling lost, disconnected, or uncertain about your next steps in life, I am here to support you with my Spirit Joy Program.  Spirit Joy is a 12-month transformational group coaching program designed specifically for women like you, who are ready to navigate their next chapter with clarity, purpose, and joy. Join us today and start creating the life you’re meant to live.

One Life Design Plan for Conscious Entrepreneurs

A program for purpose driven CEOs and business owners who want to transform their lives and create a lasting impact on the world.

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of growing your business. If you are part of a start up community or incubator, you have had your share of advisors, mentors and consultants thrown at you. You have worked through strategy and developed growth plans, sales plans, and marketing plans. You have looked at your organization objectively and identify the gaps. You’ve made hiring plans and development plans for employee development. You have cared for shareholders, stakeholders, employees, people’s families, and your own family.

It’s a lot.

I know. I’ve personally completed this journey and know hundreds of entrepreneurs struggling through the same. What’s the common gap? As hard as you work, and despite all of your planning, where is the plan for you?

This program is designed to help you develop just that. Click the button below to learn more.

What about you?

What do you need to do to grow yourself? Consider…

  • Do you give yourself permission to take care of yourself? Or, does self care feel like self indulgence?
  • Are you first into the office in the morning and the last one out? Why?
  • Have you assumed all the burdens and responsibilities of being a business owner/employer? What about the benefits it’s supposed to afford?
  • Does this sound familiar? Working countless hours, afraid that if you take your foot off the gas, everything you have built will crumble.
  • Are you so inundated with advice, from well meaning advisors, that it creates more confusion than clarity?

Western culture has programmed us to believe that this is what it takes to be successful.

I have been there, and I promise you that there is a better way.

See If Live Joy Coaching is Right For You

My business only really started to flow when I slowed down and learned to listen to my inner guidance.

With Live Joy Coaching’s programing, I offer guidance and coaching towards a clear plan for your business and your life. A plan that is built not just on research and analysis, but on internal knowing and alignment with your values.

I’d love to connect and address any of your initial questions.

90 Days to Heart Centered Living

This program is geared towards individuals that are in transition, those who are navigating their journey of personal transformation alone.

If you are feeling lost or stuck. If you are looking for intuitive guidance, clarity and a safe, non-judgemental place to explore who you are and who you want to be, then this is the program for you.

In this 1:1 coaching program, I will join you as a guide as you embark on a journey of personal transformation. We will explore mindfulness, learned and limiting beliefs, implement various transformational processes and get you on the fast track to heart-centered living. In this program I will also share my own spiritual and personal growth practices that allow me to Live Joy everyday.

Sacred Living: An Exploration of the Higher Self

In this program I use non-western medical and spiritual healing techniques to help my clients tune in to their intuition and body wisdom and provide spiritual guidance and healing to those who seek it.

We are all highly intuitive beings with an innate ability to connect to our own inner wisdom. Unfortunately, in Western society most of us have not been taught how to tune in and develop this inner guidance.

Messages from the divine come in many ways. It can be a subtle knowing or a feeling that comes from within, a flash of insight or it can show up as coincidences or synchronicities; for example, thinking of a friend and the phone rings and it is them.

Whether you believe in an inner self, higher self, spirit guides, angels, God or source, clients attracted to this program feel that the universe is trying to capture their attention but are struggling to make sense out of their experiences. They have become more aware of their intuition and divine nature and want to explore their spirituality and the role it is meant to play in their lives.


What Live Joy Clients Are Saying

Crystal’s deep listening heart, combined with her intuitive nature, and her ability to hold space, has helped me uncover my stagnant limiting beliefs and get to my truth.    Crystal serves, cares and questions in the upmost exquisite way to get to the core.  With her guidance I am transforming to my full empowered self.

Reina S.

I’ve always assumed responsibility for my own life. I figure out where I want to go and how to get there. Sometimes going it alone means it takes you a little longer to get there and maybe the journey is a little lonelier too. I love doing research and learning new things; taking classes, reading books etc… But again, my learning journey is always self-directed and driven by only one point of view. I never thought it could be another way until I tried Live Joy Coaching with Crystal. 

Before I took the 90 Days To Heart-Centered Living program, I had goals but was overwhelmed by my research and options. I didn’t know where to focus or how to plan concrete steps to reach my goals. I needed clarity: an action plan, accountability and a guide who knew the big picture and the details of my dreams.

Having a coach gave me an objective point of view and emotional support. Crystal has the practical tools (the keys) to help you discover what you want (goals) and the road map to get there (action plan) with short term steps and feedback on progress. It’s like having a navigator on a road trip: you get to your destination faster and you don’t get lost on the way. 

Kelly P.
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