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Crystal’s deep listening heart, combined with her intuitive nature, and her ability to hold space, has helped me uncover my stagnant limiting beliefs and get to my truth.    Crystal serves, cares and questions in the upmost exquisite way to get to the core.  With her guidance I am transforming to my full empowered self.

I’ve always assumed responsibility for my own life. I figure out where I want to go and how to get there. Sometimes going it alone means it takes you a little longer to get there and maybe the journey is a little lonelier too. I love doing research and learning new things; taking classes, reading books etc… But again, my learning journey is always self-directed and driven by only one point of view. I never thought it could be another way until I tried Live Joy Coaching with Crystal. 

Before I took the 90 Days To Heart-Centered Living program, I had goals but was overwhelmed by my research and options. I didn’t know where to focus or how to plan concrete steps to reach my goals. I needed clarity: an action plan, accountability and a guide who knew the big picture and the details of my dreams.

Having a coach gave me an objective point of view and emotional support. Crystal has the practical tools (the keys) to help you discover what you want (goals) and the road map to get there (action plan) with short term steps and feedback on progress. It’s like having a navigator on a road trip: you get to your destination faster and you don’t get lost on the way. 

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