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Crystal Trevors

Entrepreneur, Mentor, & Your Live Joy Coach

If we are going to work together,  you would probably like to know a bit about me.

I have been a biologist, biotechnology consultant and business owner for most of my adult life, so I guess that most people in my community see me as a scientist and entrepreneur. I am the founder and current owner of a medical technology company. I am also a wife and mother. But what most people do not immediately know about me is that I am spiritual, intuitive and an empath.

The Birth of Live Joy Coaching

Looking back, it is easy to see how I came to be where I am now.

Before I became a coach, I was what seemed to be an ordinary /typical person living an average, ordinary life. I always strived to do my best and valued strong work ethic. I was always stubborn and independent and ambitious.

Curious by nature, I was always keen to learn new things. In post-secondary, I studied science to help satiate my curiosity of the unknown. I am in awe of all that we have discovered about how the world works and delighted by how humans continue to uncover the world’s mysteries.

I am good at strategy, and a true problem solver, so applying my scientific skillset to business was a logical career path. As the CEO and owner of a sophisticated medical technology start-up, experiencing high levels of stress was inevitable.

I learned how to handle stress and uncertainty like a pro. I read all the leadership books, applying the principles that made sense and discarding the ones that didn’t suit. I thought I was coping OK.

So when one night I found myself sitting up in bed, shaken, and with the words “Live Joy” echoing in my ears, I was confused.

That year had been particularly challenging. Business was tough, I was a single mom, and my 17-year-old daughter had been diagnosed  and was struggling with major depressive disorder.

It was during this time that I had the “Live Joy” experience, and I knew that it was time to take a long hard look at my life. I needed to really explore what it would mean to “Live Joy”.

In a quest to make sense of this and other spiritual experiences that followed, I made the decision to take some time away from my business. Staying true to my curious nature, I turned my attention to personal development and spiritual studies.

I began studying various modalities of energy healing, became certified in Usui Reiki, and became a Certified Sacred Awakening Practitioner. At a high level, I learned to help people connect to their Highest Self to find their true path. So, as my daughter healed from her depression, I healed myself with prayer, meditation and taking the time to learn how to finally listen to that voice within.

My spiritual awakening has completely altered the way I live my life. It is also what guided me to formalize my coaching experience and become an accredited Transformational Life Coach. I feel very strongly that everything I have experienced in my life has led me to this.

As a professional coach and spiritual guide, I promise to share all that I have learned, in order to help set you on your own path toward a purposeful, soul-driven life.

With love and gratitude,


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